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InTown Digital Solutions

We design, develop & implement Customized Softwares & Web Applications that lay emphasis on a feature packed yet elegant User Experience, backed up by a flexible & powerful code structure.

InTown Mobile Apps

Our Mobile applications are are painstakingly crafted & designed to match & compliment your Brand, your Idea & your message. We implement the latest design trends, making our products unique and more importantly, make you, our clients, stand out.
Software Development Mobile App Development Android & IOS Development
CarsTrack Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

CarsTrack is a revolutionary product by InTown Solutions, Shillong, where vehicles can be monitored 24 x 7 on a desktop computer or Smart Phone. Check it out Here

InTown Graphic Design

We also design graphics for logos, posters, banners etc. We implement our designs, with your brand in mind, so that you don't even need a catch phrase to get your message across. One look at our designs will more than achieve that goal.
Graphic Design




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Our Work Process
We implement our products using technologies in vogue, ensuring that our products are up to date with the latest trends. We are constantly in a learning process, keeping up with the newest innovations, always looking at how we can incorporate them in our build process, thus helping us, build you, quality products.


The InTown Process

Innovation Phase


Our products, have their beginnings, as your idea. A few points jotted down on a piece of paper, doodles on your notepad, anything.. We breathe life into the idea, giving it shape and form, and using our technical know-how, transform your idea into a solution.

Plan Phase


After we've identified the critical objectives, we initiate our build process and start practical planning. This stage is where we clearly communicate all our plans & ideas by passing along all relevant documents your way so as to keep you in the loop.

Estimation Phase


After the Plan phase, we will have a list of project requirements and tasks. Our next pass to you will include estimated costs, a project start date, a timeline, and a strategic launch plan. With those executed and an initial deposit made, we're ready to start!

Build Phase


Once the implementation plan is ready, we get down to building your product. We strictly adhere to our timelines so that you get your product as soon as possible. We keep you updated on all developments, so you can see your product come to life.

InTown Portfolio

Just Shillong Reach Shillong Ministries Grassroot NGO Shishupal Security Royal Wahingdoh FC Rilum Foundation City Hut Dhaba Vijay Enterprise
Just Shillong

Just Shillong

Just Shillong is a web application that will serve as an online portal for Shillong City. Just Shillong incorporates the latest web technologies to give the user a unique and in depth insight into Shillong City and its various offerings. Popular social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been integrated into the web application. The latest social network activity i.e. pictures, tweets and posts about Shillong are seen on our web application.

Reach Shillong Ministries

Reach Shillong Ministries

Reach Shillong Ministries is a Christian Voluntary Ministry registered as a society under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, and was established on the 14th November 2007.
This NGO works tirelessly towards uplifting the most disadvantaged & neglected in our society and we are deeply honored to have been entrusted with the task of designing & developing their web application ; thus helping spread their valuable message.

Grassroot NGO

Grassroot NGO

With its goal to create "Responsibility and Power of the Individual and the Community", Grassroot is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is committed to work for the empowerment of the community from a rights and gender perspective. It was formed in July 2007.
This NGO is heavily involved in the empowerment of the rural populace and it has initiated and implemented several projects that were received very well among their target groups.

Shishupal Security

Col. Shishupal Security

Col. Shishupal Security is a professional, vigilant and comprehensive security services provider for industrial, residential and all types of Corporate Services. They operate systematically to provide an impregnable security environment to ensure the safety of their clients.
As one of the oldest Security Agencies in the North East, they have established an iron clad reputation of being the best. Their recruits have been trained according to the highest standards.

Royal Wahingdoh FC

Royal Wahingdoh F.C.

Royal Wahingdoh Football Club is a men's professional football club based in Shillong,Meghalaya that currently participates in the Indian I-League. Royal Wahingdoh F.C. currently holds the record for the highest number of consecutive Shillong Premier League titles, having won the finals in December 2010, 2011 and most recently in 2012.
They played in I-League 2nd Division for the 2013-14 season. They won the league by defeating Bhowanipore F.C. in the last match of the league and qualified to play for the 2014-15 season of the I-League.

Rilum Foundation

Rilum Foundation

Rilum foundation is a grassroot development organisation managed by a group of young professionals committed to giving back to the community. It was formed in 2000 and since then, it has engaged itself fully in the exploration of the needs of the community.

City Hut Dhaba

City Hut Dhaba

Beside Earle Holiday Home and guarded by gnomes, City Hut serves a variety of Indian, Chinese, barbecue and ice creams in four different eating rooms, including a family-only room and an attractive, flower-decked straw pavilion.

Vijay Enterprise

Vijay Enterprise

Since 1989 Vijay Enterprise, has been providing solutions for various business and institution needs in Shillong, Meghalaya. Using Vijay Enterprise as a single source to purchase and secure quality products saves time, money, acquisition cost and worry. They offer the broadest selection of safe and reliable products from the world’s most reputed manufacturers and help their customers in finding the right product at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service and reliable information.

InTown Software Portfolio

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management

School Management Software

School Management

Hospital Management Software

Hotel Management

Security Agency Management Software

Security Agency Management

Travel Agency Management Software

Travel Agency Management

Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management

& many More

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About InTown Solutions

In Town Solutions

In Town Solutions is a group of young, enterprising I-T entrepreneurs, based in Shillong, Meghalaya. We want to bring about an IT revolution in our tiny little corner of the world. We have developed Business Management Software Solutions for establishments such as Schools, Shopping Malls, Security Agencies, Retails Stores etc. We can develop Software Solutions for a wide range of business models. If you have a process, we can replicate it and automate most of the time-consuming tasks. We make your business functioning efficient. Little is beyond our reach. If you can dream it, we can realize it. We also design websites using the latest design trends, and host them at very competitive prices. If you are in the market for a new-age website, we're the ones you call.

Our Core Team

Aldon M. Pariat Mylliem

Founder & Lead Developer

+91 87947 27288

Managing Director
Aldon got his Engineering Degree from Pune University in 2010 after which he worked in Infosys ltd. for 3 years. After founding In Town Solutions in 2013, he has been working tirelessly toward expanding his skill set, which in his opinion, is never good enough. He is passionate about front end & UI design and spear-heads the Design & Development departments.

Marc Marbaniang

Marketing & Operations

+91 87942 55651

Having had years of marketing experience, Marc is our person on the field and has the unenviable task of attempting to sell our products to potential customers. Being a new name on the playing field is tough and attempting to penetrate a market is even tougher, but Marc takes it all in stride & performs his day to day activities with a smile on his face.

Rocky Lyndem

Graphic Designer

+91 80142 73091

Graphic Designer
To look at him, one would never guess his artistic ability. Rocky, in spite of being a family man, has been known to work until the wee hours of the morning to meet deadlines. Even though he's the 'old guy' in the team, Rocky never shies away from mastering new skills in his endeavour to provide quality graphics for our designs.

Sonil Masi

Junior Developer

+91 98634 31433

Sonil is a BCA graduate from St. Edmunds College (2014 Batch). He then joined hdfc bank as a desktop engineer and left because he was more interested in application development. He took a break trying to pursue what he loves and InTown Solutions gave him a chance to work in the field where his passions lie.


Operations Executive

+91 87948 02406

Carol is an MBA grad with a specialization in HR Management & Finance. Having had experience working in places like IIM Shillong, its little wonder that she takes next to no time in developing new skills for supplementing and supporting our work process. She is our newest team member but there are good signs that she’ll fit in just fine

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