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Online Vehicle Tracking System


Smart Cars for Smart People


The CarsTrack App

CarsTrack is a revolutionary product in the Vehicular-GPS space where Vehicles can be monitored 24 x 7 on a desktop computer or Smart Phone.

A Vehicle Tracking System is a tracking mechanism for vehicular location & activity that combines the use of automatic vehicle location tracking using GPS devices in individual vehicles, along with software that collects data resulting in a comprehensive picture and detailed presentation of a vehicle’s locations, travel history and other activities. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software [e.g. Google Maps]. Urban public transit authorities are an increasingly common user of vehicle tracking systems, particularly in large cities.


GPS Tracking Device : GPS/GSM/GPRS Modem
SIM Card with GPRS 2G Data Connection
DOTNET Based Software Application for Data Collection & Reports
Android / IOS App for Mobile Phone Compatibility
GPS & GPRS Antenna


CarsTrack Tracking Feature

Track Vehicle GPS Location

Know where your Vehicle is, 24x7. Find out where your vehicle's current location and all the places its been to. The integrated Google Maps platform presents a simple & easy to comprehend layout of the Vehicle's Location & its surroundings.

CarsTrack Overspeeding Detection

Over Speeding Alert

Monitor the speed at which your vehicle is traveling and get an alert in case it crosses a customizable speed limit. Over speeding is a major problem, leading to accidents and loss of lives. Not knowing is no longer an excuse.

CarsTrack Internal Memory

Internal Memory

Cars-Track has a GSM Modem wherein it transmits data to the Server. However, in areas of poor network coverage, the internal memory kicks in, storing your Vehicle's Coordinates and transmitting them as soon as it gets a signal.

CarsTrack Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

A range of activities about your Vehicle are customized to send you alerts over SMS or email in case of any abnormal activity. Set up Geo Fences/Routes to control your Vehicles's Movements and get alerts in case of any violation.

CarsTrack Engine Lock

Remotely Disable Engine

If your Vehicle has been stolen or is currently in a place where its not supposed to, deactivate the Vehicle totally, with this Cars-Track feature. Receive alerts about suspicious activity and keep yourself informed with your Vehicle's activity.

CarsTrack Backup Power

Backup Power

Backup Batteries within the Vehicle Tracking System ensure that your Vehicle is protected even when its not on. Backups last for a duration of approximately 5 hours, giving users ample time to act on suspicious activity.


CarsTrack Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

Your Vehicle is often driven by people other you, who will not have your Vehicle's best interests at heart. Cars-Track allows you to be fully informed about your Vehicle, giving you peace of mind, no matter who's behind the wheel.

CarsTrack increases Productivity


Abundant wastage of vehicle related resources occurs when owners are uninformed about their Vehicle's activities. Cars-Track enables such Vehicle owners to increase productivity by ensuring efficient & authorized Vehicle utilization.

CarsTrack saves on Cost

Cost Saving

Save money on Fuel & maintenance by ensuring that your Vehicle is being operated as per your conditions. Minimize wastage by cutting down on unauthorized usage and hold drivers accountable to how they operate your Vehicle

CarsTrack increases safety


By actively tracking Vehicle Speed and Location, you can make sure that people driving your vehicle put it in no danger whatsoever. Minimize risks related to accidents by making sure that your vehicle is driven safely.

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